word to the wise…

…never ever ever try to write a novel at the same time as working a full time life and trying to blog and write some seriously smutty erotica. TOO MUCH!!!!!

all the same, writing is a blessing everyday. Even if I don’t feel a smile, i teach myself to feel them over and over through my notebooks.

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coming soon…i hope

I am hard at work on the next Pig!  It is taking a lot of work and time, but I hope it will be worth it!  I encourage you to keep writing and reading!



my husband left this page open…might as well leaveImage it up, just for the pictures haha!!


Joshua Robertson, a fellow wordpress aficionado, was kind enough to review a few of my books on smashwords!  i included a link and the actual review here, and if anyone else would like to get some free copies of my erotic short fiction to review, please message me!



Pig, My Million, by Cheryl Carroll, is an engaging story that is unusual enough that it captured my attention and impelled me to read the second installment right after finishing the last page of this short story. It was a light, easy read with words delicately placed to emphasize meaning, creating a sardonic overtone that would cause me to laugh out loud on more than one occasion.

The story revolves around Sara, a cute college girl, who carves herself the perfect man out of marble. In a drunken stupor, and overwhelmed with desire, she soon finds herself enjoying the company of the statue that comes to life. It is not long before Sara is faced with impending disaster as her sister learns of PIG, and makes her own plans for the hunk of well-hung granite. Sara does all that she can to keep the one man that she can finally connect with, meeting all of her girlish needs and fantasies.

This book is just as the author would suggest, being full of eroticism, romance, suspense, and absolute fun. This is a definite read over a glass of wine!

all romance?

questions for all you erotica writers and bloggers out there…

do you use “all romance books” to market books, and if so do you recommend the site?


i will have more posts soon, just had a little post-holiday-finally-breathing rest time!